Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sunday Night

We had some severe weather come through this evening and the sirens went off several times.  Amelia knows that the sirens mean "take shelter" and I found her in the bathroom like this at one point:

She told me she was hiding from the twisters...  I assured her there were no twisters coming only to have the sirens go off again a few minutes later for a tornado warning.  At that point she went and hid under a chair:

Joe joined her with his truck.

Once the weather passed we had some dinner, took baths and got the kids into some of their new summer pajamas!  (We went shopping this morning and are now officially set for this summer!)


We're winding down with The Sandlot tonight - trying to keep cool.  (We refuse to turn our A/C on just yet and it's a little warm/humid in here this evening!)

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