Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Our Big Boy

Joe has been a big guy from the start.  Once he hit one year he hovered at around 31 pounds through his 18-month check-up last month...

Well, in that last month the boy has put on FOUR pounds!  Our nurse (the kids and I see the same doctor!) picked him up at my OB appointment Monday afternoon while I was getting weighed and she asked how heavy he was.  I said I assumed 31 pounds like he has been for the past six months.  Out of curiosity she put him on the scale next and he came out at 35 pounds!  I'm hearing from a lot of people that that is how much their 3-year olds weigh and it is only about seven pounds lighter than his 4-year old sister!

The message on this onesie must be true...

...I mean they say muscle weighs more than fat so clearly he is super muscular ;)

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