Thursday, May 23, 2013


I got a call from the school this morning (luckily I was on break!) that Amelia was in the nurse's office with a temperature of 103.8 - a little high!  I called Jason and he went and got her right away.  I came home to her passed out on the couch.

Around five o'clock I checked her temperature and we had gotten her down to 102.8 - an improvement.  We missed speech tonight which really upset her.  She refuses to take Tylenol (liquid or chewable) and ate next to nothing today (which is ok.)  We pretty much sat around watching Netflix most of the night in an effort to make sure she rested.

She went to bed right after Joe tonight and I plan to take advantage of this and get an extra hour of sleep - woohoo!  With that being said - goodnight!

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