Friday, May 31, 2013

Just Joe and I

Amelia slept at my parent's house last night and she came to Target today to ask me if she could sleep there again so tonight it was just Joe and I!  We took a long afternoon nap and then headed to Subway for dinner (with a gift card from Mother's Day!)

He ate his whole sandwich!

When we got back from dinner we started a load of laundry and the plan was to take a quick walk before the rain came.  We made it about six blocks from our house and it started to downpour :(  I must have looked awesome running, with an umbrella stroller, while 24 weeks pregnant in a downpour complete with lightning and thunder.

We mostly played with cars tonight.  They're pretty much all Joe is into these days.  He refers to any vehicle as a do-doo.  When prompted he will say car but for the most part everything is a do-doo.

My beautiful guy :)

This week's favorite bedtime story

It was a very different night with only one kid!  

Off to bed now - I work the weekend for inventory prep!

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