Monday, September 17, 2012

A Few Things

We had a rather uneventful weekend.  We grocery shopped, Amelia spent both Friday and Saturday nights with my family.  Sunday, before she returned, we emptied some stuff out of our room (it feels much less storage-unit-like now!), vacuumed and dusted like nobody's business (allergies have been bad for us recently - this was necessary), I did eleven loads of laundry (every single hamper was empty!) and we moved a few things around in Joe's room.

Not a significant change but we needed to get him away from the blinds.  I think it feels more open in there now but I'm sure it's just the change feeling refreshing.
The kids tonight:

I started a new job within Target today.  I left my position on the in-stocks team (basically, a team dedicated to maintaining accurate inventory and replenishment of products) and joined the presentation team.  I am excited about this change.  The presentation team sets new aisles/products throughout the store.  Today we set trim-a-tree....Christmas lights!  I think it will be a lot of fun learning this position during fourth quarter and the holidays!  Later this year the presentation team becomes the "toy team" as well - maintaining the toy department during the crazy Christmas season!  I was sought out for this position which makes me feel good and proud that I do a good job at work.

 Cooler weather finally seems to be upon us and I could not be more excited :) 


  1. Congrats!!!! Kiddos are adorable! We had the teensiest cool spell and it's back int the 90s! Come on Fall! Where are you?!

    1. We are up in northern Wisconsin - near the Minnesota border on the west. We had some below freezing nights this past week and before we know it winter will be here! I am hoping for more snow than last year. We didn't even get out sledding at all last year - talk about a major bummer!

    2. Oh. My. Gosh. Girl it is 80-something degrees outside!! Crazy the difference!