Monday, September 10, 2012

A Good Weekend + Today

We had a very nice weekend!

Saturday we went to the Mall of America to take Jason's computer in for a battery replacement before the warranty is up this Thursday!  There is also a Nike store in the mall and they have a drop-off for old tennis shoes to be dropped off.  They are recycled into track and playground surfaces among other things.  I had two pairs to drop off this time!

Once we were done with our two main stops we took Amelia to Nickelodeon Universe!

We had a coupon for a discounted unlimited ride wristband and after a few calculations we decided that was the best way to go!  Amelia rode rides for about two hours!

She was so excited!  Jason was excited when he realized that the required chaperones rode for free.

Joe and I hung out and watched them enjoy the rides.

He was a trooper.  I can't imagine he had all that much fun being confined in a stroller for the better part of the day but he handled it well!

Joe got a "big boy" toy Saturday on our way home.

I realized recently that he fits onto Amelia's car perfectly so, to try and eliminate the fighting, we got Joe his own car.  We splurged and got him the Batman one - I let Jason decide which one to get.  The front folds down and there are two tracks (it came with two little cars) and they can "race." 

Sunday we stayed home, got caught up on laundry, watched football, made (and froze) about 7 quarts of chili and I did some work in Joe's room to prepare to switch his larger clothes into his drawers.  A lot was accomplished!

We got a gallon of ice cream for dessert and shared with the neighbors.  These two licked their bowls clean!

Today has been interesting.  Amelia had two time-outs for hitting/pushing/kicking her brother.  When the neighbor kids all started to go out we went out too and there was just more fighting/pushing etc.  There must be something in the air around here today!  None of the kids in the complex could get along - at all.

We had some good moments mixed in with all the whining and crying - like this one:

They had car races in the kitchen for about five minutes after Joe's nap.  After that the whining, crying and time-outs started.  It was just one of those nights.  It wasn't the first and I know it will not be the last.

Amelia came to her door, after I tucked her in, to remind me that I promised her a tattoo.

She got Dora tattoos at Nickelodeon Universe and she couldn't be more thrilled about them and I was glad that we were able to end the night on a happy note :)

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