Wednesday, September 26, 2012

"Pink Eye"

Yesterday, Amelia was sent home from school with "pink eye."  I got a voicemail from the nurse on my break at work and she said, "her eye had a crusty and it is red - I am no doctor but it looks like pink eye."  Jason got her from school.  I panicked.  I have a serious eye phobia and I just imagined what I remember pink eye to be - gross.

I got home that afternoon and I said, "where's the pink eye?"  That's right her "pink eye" wasn't visible at a glance - like I remembered pink eye to be.  I took a closer look and her eye was a little pink, bloodshot almost - like when you are very tired or suffer from allergies.  

We kept her home again today and her eye didn't change but just to be on the safe side I took her to the minute clinic in town.  I asked the woman at the desk if they checked for pink and she told me they did and asked who I thought had pink eye.  I told her the situation and she grabbed the physician and as he walked up he said, "that's allergies."  I knew it!  He showed me how to check for infection beneath the lower eyelid and said unless I see irritation there it is allergies.  

I e-mailed her teacher that she will be there tomorrow and let them know that it is simply allergies and that if it ever appears to be an infection we will make sure to check before sending her.

I am still just a little baffled at why they thought it was pink eye.  At the same time I am thankful they are so cautious because things like that spread quickly and the sooner you catch it the sooner a sick kid keeps the germs home!  In addition to those feelings I am a bit annoyed...she missed two days of school over this and she only goes three to begin with!  Oh well.  I fit in as much language as I could this afternoon to try and make up for it!

Amelia was happy I let her play with her friends tonight since it has been confirmed she is not sick!

Tea Party :)

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