Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sick Day

Jason kept Amelia home from school today - her first "'sick day."  Yesterday she was sent to the nurses office because she was pale and had a low-grade fever (99, barely a fever I say....) and then this morning she was coughing and not herself.  Just to be safe he called her in and we stayed inside tonight and didn't play with friends.  

Joe missed his naptime this afternoon and never really slept but Amelia did!  That's one sure sign that she isn't feeling 100%.

Joe seemed content in his crib - doing whatever it is he does in there - so I laid down as well!  I have been pretty beat the past few weeks so the rest felt great this afternoon!

Amelia's ponies were pirates today:

A friend on Facebook told me that today is "National Talk Like a Pirate Day" so apparently we got our pirate play in on the right day!

It was fun playing inside tonight, just us.

Tomorrow I start carpooling with a woman from work.  It will be nice.  I will have some company to and from work and, most importantly, it will cut down on gas costs!  This also means I can't run late...this woman is always ten minutes early...  I always aim to be ten minutes early just so I can be on time!

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