Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Rainbow Butterflies

Amelia has turned into a picky eater.  One day she would eat just about anything and the next she'd eat barely anything.  I'm not sure what happened but it has posed quite the challenge for us!

While grocery shopping one day I got some tomato and carrot farfalle noodles because they were orange and at that time Amelia was very into orange.  As soon as I showed her the box she got excited and started talking about the yummy "orange butterflies."  We made some and she gobbled them up - no sauce, just (fake) parmesan.  I've been getting them ever since.

Over the weekend Jason grabbed tri-color farfalle to see what she thought.  Tonight we tried "rainbow butterflies" for the first time and they were a hit!

Her reaction was better than I could have hoped it would be:

(that is an excited face...in case you couldn't tell...)

She was excited about the green ones - the new color she hadn't had before!  

It may not be the ideal way to get vegetables into her but for now it is better than nothing!  I'm hopeful her eagerness to try new things returns one day.  For now all we can do is continue to offer her new things and hope she tries some of them!

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