Thursday, September 6, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

This afternoon and evening were a roller-coaster around here!  Up and down, up and down.  Moods were all over the place.  Whining was at it finest.  Messes were made.  Messes were cleaned up.  It was a long night.

The shining moment was this:

The girl who never naps, napped.  She was given "quiet time" and just as I suspected, based on her mood, she passed out.  Thank goodness!

We stayed in tonight instead of playing outside with the neighbors.

Joe hasn't been napping well lately and it is really making things tough at night.  He needs to get back on a more regular nap pattern.  It really gets ugly around here come five o'clock - dinner time.  He is wiped but I cannot let him nap that late!  The rest of the night turns into the game of just keeping Joe happy!

Tonight, after changing into jammies, I got him interested in his farm so I could get his stuff ready for bed in peace.

Worked like a charm.  

His bedtime has moved up from 8ish to 7:30ish.  All I can figure is his poor napping habits are causing this. 

Amelia told me tonight she needed water because her tummy hurt and it needed water.

She kept sneaking up to my cup so I eventually told her she could just use it tonight.   
She is still taking an interest in being read to so I have been letting her take the lead at night.  Some nights we read ten or twelve books and other nights, like tonight, we read about half of that.
I am just thrilled that she is finally taking an interest in being read to, so I will do what it takes to help that interest thrive!  We have three "Good Night" books (Minnesota, Zoo and World) and I am trying to get her to understand that when we read one of those that that means reading time is over.  I can't tell if it is working yet or not! 

I cannot wait for the weekend!  We have no plans (that I know of) and I still need to do laundry.  Lots and lots of laundry!

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