Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas 2012

We had another great Christmas!  Christmas Eve morning I had to work so Jason and I didn't get to my parent's house until late afternoon.  Earlier in the day my family took the kids to see Santa at Macy's and they stopped in to see me at work which doesn't happen too often!  It was a nice surprise. 

Work was long and I'll be honest, it got annoying having to deal with the people who were mad at me, personally, because we sold out of wrapping paper over the weekend which is really odd.  (usually there are one or two pallets worth that clearance!)  I really like it when they get upset and then just stare at me.  I get the feeling that they think I'm hiding all the wrapping paper from them (to which I would ask why) or that they think I have the ability to magically make more appear.  I sometimes wish I could make more appear because I really do like being able to help people find everything they need vs. upsetting them - it's a much nicer feeling!

We left my family for about an hour and stopped in at a gathering Jason's family has at the marina.  On our way home we drove by a house in my parent's neighborhood...

...this photo doesn't do it justice!  Driving past this house (of a childhood friend) is a tradition for us and Amelia's reaction this year was priceless.  She said, "Mom!  Is this the North Pole?"  We told her it was ;)

Once we got back to my parent's house we opened gifts while dinner finished cooking.  Amelia was really into opening presents this year.  She was a maniac!  Joe on the other hand was content to play with a toy broom on the opposite end of the family room!

prime rib, baked potatoes and green beans!

After the kids went to bed the adults watched Home Alone.  I hadn't watched that, in it's entirety, in years - great movie!  

Santa came and filled our stockings and the kids got Wiggle Racers.  Amelia had a lot of fun with hers int he basement!

I am looking forward to the warmer weather when we can take them outside and Joe will be big enough to work his better!  We also played one of Amelia's new games - Alphabet Mystery Box.

Late morning we packed up and headed to Jason's sister's house for Christmas with his family.

Christmas dress

Brunch and presents happened to fall right smack dab in the middle of Joe's naptime...yeah, he was a bit grumpy!  We found things to keep him occupied but they were always shortlived.

"racing" and snacks

At one point we had Joe in a laundry basket with his wormy, glow-monkey and a blanket and I could tell he was so close to falling asleep but we didn't have a bottle/cup to put milk in for him.  That was seriously all it would have taken - I am convinced.  Note to self - keep an extra sippy in the car for emergencies!
Amelia checking out her new computer

We had wanted to get a group picture but between Joe's meltdowns and Amelia's meltdowns over wanting what Joe had we never even tried :(   

Amelia, Uncle Kory and Cashew!

Our car was jam-packed on the ride home and both children fell asleep almost instantly so we took a longer way home to let them get a little rest and recovery time.  We had a few things under our tree for the kids that we left for this evening.  Our friend Leigh got Amelia the My Little Pony castle and she was so excited!

We enjoyed an evening at home, finding homes for new toys and playing along the way.  There is still plenty to put away but I'm leaving that for another day and relaxing.

goodnight pictures with my sweet kiddos!

We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!  

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