Sunday, December 9, 2012

Football Date

This afternoon Jason and I had a date to the Vikings/Bears game!  He received tickets from his sister for his birthday a few months back and today was the day!  Oh, today was also the day that winter decided to show up - just our luck!  It snowed for about twenty hours straight today.  Twenty!  It's just now letting up.  We went from no snow to about a foot in a single day - crazy!

We paid a small fortune to park at a neighboring ramp because we were late (we missed kick-off) and it was snowing pretty steadily only to end up on the roof of the structure, ha!

We had a fun time!  The section we were in was probably about 85% Bears fans which made it fun!  At times the entire stadium was chanting "let's go Bears!" and our neighbor told us you could hear it on television - it was that loud!  The entire row in front of us was a family and Jason found a Viking friend amongst them to cheer with!  In the end the Vikings won and we spent a couple hours driving the ~45 miles home.

We are under a winter storm warning and I am a bit nervous for the drive into work in the morning.  They said that once the snow stopped the winds would pick up pushing some areas into blizzard-like conditions as the snow blows around.  Oh, the joys of winter in Wisconsin!


  1. This sounds like a fun date. I've never been to any professional game and even though I'm not a sports fan, I'd love to go one of these days! :)

    And, I'm super jealous of your snow but the whole having to drive on snowy roads doesn't sound fun. Be safe!!

    1. We enjoy our sports but we never cheer for the same team (except for hockey) which makes it even more fun!

      And yes, driving in snow is really no fun. You do get used to it but when it snows a foot and a half in just one day they cannot keep up with the plowing and the roads are in such rough condition - especially up in the smaller, farm community we live in :( Playing in the snow is the best though and it is so pretty out right now!

  2. Replies
    1. It is! Usually Jason makes silly faces in pictures me so it shocked me when he turned the camera around we (mostly he) looked normal! I like this one so much I'm going to add it to our wall of pictures above the couch!