Monday, December 31, 2012

NYE 2012

We've had a wild and crazy night over here...NOT!  We were invited over to a friend's house but the timing was just not going to make things go smoothly so we stayed in.  It was probably a good thing we did - crabby-kid-syndrome hit by 7 o'clock!

We pretty much laid around doing nothing all afternoon.  College football was on in the background.  I dozed off on the couch.  Nothing too exciting.  We never really ate dinner - just snacked on crackers, cheese, summer sausage and a baguette with brie.  

We played with blocks for almost an hour.  We built Amelia a pretty cool castle!

Joey played with his new soft blocks from Christmas:

Before bed Jason snapped a picture of me and the kids :)

Once they were in bed he made us something to eat...

...Caesar salads and New York strip steaks!  Probably not the best thing to eat past 8 o'clock but it was good!  We really had a simple, relaxing night. 

2012 was a good year.  We had some ups and downs, happy and sad times but we made it - we always do :)  I am looking forward to a fresh start in 2013!  

Happy New Year, everyone!


  1. Yay for husbands cooking! I'm totally salivating over that food. Mmmm..

    Blocks are like The. Best. Toys. Ever. Really - they are like amazing for development! Hooray for playing with kiddos too!

  2. And your picture with your babies is beautiful! Nothing like a momma holding her sweet ones! :)