Thursday, May 10, 2012

Bandage Boss

Tonight was MA (medical assistant) for a day at my sister's school.  Once a quarter family and friends are invited to see what their student has been learning and also to have them practice/show you what they're learning.  One of the new things Kim has learned since last MA day is bandaging.  

Amelia is all about band-aids.  She can find an "owie" for every band-aid in a box if we let her!  She was a little confused about the bandaging but Kim's teacher let her pick a colored wrap and she was sold.  She chose red. 

While Kim was showing us how a finger is bandaged Amelia hopped right in with her red wrap and wrapped Kim's forearm.  

Once she finished that arm she moved onto the next.

Even Joe got his little arm wrapped.

Well, his was his elbow - per orders from the bandage boss.

MA day was cut a bit short this quarter because one of the students fainted so all we really did this time was bandaging.  My mom and I also did paraffin waxes on our hands since last quarter there was a long line because we got there towards the end.  Amelia took several wheelchair rides too.  So I guess we did do more than just bandaging :)


  1. Joe is beyond chubby baby boys! :)

    1. Thank you :) He is exclusively breastfed and refuses to eat "solids" so I am very proud of myself for keeping up with his food demands. His sister was nursed barely four months so I am just thrilled with how chubby he is and I LOVE his leg rolls.