Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Welcome to the new blog!  

Why the change?  When I first started blogging it was an avenue to keep in touch with our families.  We were living in Milwaukee, had just had a baby and we wanted to make sure everyone was able to see her grow!  Now we live within thirty miles of our immediate family members so there isn't as much urgency behind keeping the blog updated.

With that being said I should also add that I like to blog!  I like to share our family and the things that we do but the old blog just didn't fit any longer.  While we were living with Jason's grandpa we didn't have regular Internet access and it was kind of on the back burner for those 15 months.  Once we were out on our own again we didn't get Internet for a few months.  Now that we have it I am struggling to post regularly even though I have tons of post ideas!

So, I'm starting over.  Sometimes all someone needs is a fresh start.  So, from now on look for updates on our family and more here! 

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