Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

This Mother's Day started out nice and early with work at 4 a.m.  I was off by 8:15 and headed home to start the day with the family.  

We spent the morning getting ready to head out to see our families.  My mom, sister and I had a pedicure appointment for 12:30.  We got one last Mother's Day and enjoyed it so we decided to do it again!  It was nice and relaxing having my feet massaged and letting them soak!  

After pedicures we all went over to Jason's sister's house for a grill out.  We had hot dogs and brats.  This was the first time both sides of the family had gotten together so that was special.  

Amelia with our hostess, Auntie Liz

We managed to get a fairly decent family picture!  

Before bed that night I wasn't quite so lucky getting a picture with the kids...

Yep, that's us!  At first I was upset it wasn't the "perfect" picture I always hope to get.  Then I realized it didn't matter!  This picture, as well as several of the others Jason took, captured the moment - which is all a camera is made to do.

All in all it wasn't a super exciting day but I did get a few wonderful gifts.  

Handprint tile Amelia made at school :)

Shirt from my kids :)
A "Joseph" bead/charm/pendant (?) to add to my necklace I received my first Mother's Day

I feel very lucky to have the family that I have :)

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