Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Kitty Attack

We had our first major kitty attack tonight.  I was in the bathroom when the incident occurred.  All I know is that I heard a shriek followed by crying.  Loud and intense crying.

Little man got his first, major injury from one of the cats.

I found him next to the couch and Ludo was under the couch.  Here is what I am thinking happened - I think that Joe was headed to Ludo (as he always is - slow poke "chases" the cats around every chance he gets), Ludo was sleeping, got startled and instinctively scratched him.  It bled an awful lot.  More than I would have thought it would.  

I never had Ludo (foreground) declawed when he was younger.  I rescued him when he was almost a year old and I didn't have any reason to have his claws removed.  I certainly never thought I'd have two kids by age 26.  I figured Ludo would be a mellow, older cat by the time I had kids to worry about!

I suppose we will have to keep a closer eye on both kids and cats from here on out! 

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