Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday Fun

Tonight my sister came to hang out with us! We hopped in the car and went to a new park. It is within walking distance but since rain was on it's way we decided to drive so we wouldn't be stuck out in it! Joey spent most of his time swinging and watching all the big kids run around and play. 

Amelia explored the small beach and found several seashells! 

(yes mom, I do realize she needs a haircut!) 

One of Amelia's favorite things tonight was "driving the car." 

In fact, before we could leave she had to run back to "drive the car" one last time! We left the park at dinner time and decided, what the heck, we'd eat McDonald's. Amelia was so, so excited when she realized where we were going. During dinner she asked me to "cheese" her and snuggled up with my sister. 

Since she ate her whole Happy Meal we decided to get some ice cream on the way home. Dairy Queen was a zoo and the one here is notorious for being very slow so we headed to the grocery store for dessert. Across from the grocery store we noticed a little sweets shop. When we pulled up they were closing (they close early - at 6!) but the owner let my sister go in and get us ice cream to go. It was our favorite, Cedar Crest, ice cream! Amelia was in heaven with her cookie dough ice cream!

Between the park, McDonald's and ice cream baths were in order. Amelia had a ball cleaning Joe. 

She is in charge of washing his tummy, knees and feet. I am in charge of his hair - with the watering can. She's the boss and I just follow orders ;) 

 Joe was so interested in the bubbles tonight. He just kept examining his hands. 

We needed this good night tonight. Hopefully the weekend will be just as good!

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