Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Midweek Randoms

Just some random things from the past few days :)

  • Between Monday and Tuesday I did TEN loads of laundry.  The funny thing?  Jason still has 2-3 loads worth of clothes left to wash.   

  • I made my second batch of homemade baby food for Joe yesterday afternoon - green beans.  Just this week he has finally started to willingly eat "solids."  

  • Amelia had her first mani/pedi courtesy of Auntie Kim.  We took her to Wal-Mart and she selected orange and purple polish. 

  • I found a park that has Joe-sized swings and both kids like using them!

  • We had our front door painted yesterday morning and Amelia just loved watching.  She is really excited about her "mean" (green) door!

  • Joe sits up like a pro!  We're talking half hour time periods that he is sitting up.  Looking around and playing.  He is getting too big too fast!

  •  Joe is snuggling more than ever right now.  It is often not the most convenient use of my time but it is the most important use of it.  If little man needs a snuggle, I am happy to oblige - usually ;) 

  • Amelia is still eager to help with household chores.  She's getting good at helping take the trash out.  I let her take the bathroom trash and she is now able to throw it hard and high enough that it makes it into the dumpster!  She loves it and is so proud to be helping.

  • Joe has been taking some naps in his bed!!!  Finally, he is using the crib and not the car seat or swing.  The trick?  Put him in there with a few toys when he starts to get cranky and he'll play until he falls asleep.  

  • As of this week I will no longer be working 6 days a week!  My boss has worked it out so that I can get in my 40 hours in the standard 5 days - hallelujah!  In order to do this I voluntarily left the ad set-up team which goes through the store and puts up the sale signs for the week.  I have been doing it virtually every Sunday since I started two years ago so come next week it will be a little strange to sleep in and be home all day!

  • My sister offered to babysit so Jason and I have a date afternoon/evening planned for Sunday.  We are in desperate need of some parental time to re-connect.  Working opposite shifts really can start to take it's toll on a couple.  This is part of why I felt the need to leave the ad set-up team and find a way to get down to 5 days of work a week.  Now we will both have one full day off together with the kids.  

  • Amelia took a nap this afternoon.  A very, very rare occurrence in this house.  I am so happy she did though because she was beyond ornery this afternoon and her nap got us back on track for a good evening.

  • We have been playing blocks a ton lately.  Amelia made a "big bah-bow" today, which is a "big flower."

It's been quite the week so far and it is only half over!

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