Tuesday, July 17, 2012

9 Months

Last Friday Joey was nine-months old!  Time is flying!

He had his nine-month well visit yesterday and, as expected, he is still huge!

Weight - 23 lbs 5 oz (95th percentile)
Height - 29.5 in (90th percentile)
Head Circumference - 48.5 cm (100th percentile)

Wearing size medium gDiapers and size 4 disposables
*We are on a hiatus from our g's...little man is a mover during diaper changes and we cannot for the life of us keep the inserts in well enough during his thrashing and rolling, so, we bought a case of disposables and will try g's again when it is gone. 

Clothing sizes are all over the place!  Mostly he wears 18-month clothing but some 12-months fit (mostly t-shirts) as well as a couple pairs of 9-month shorts and jammies!

First bottle accepted from mama

Still exclusively breastfed though we are working on weaning
*His high feeding demands along with his sister's high demands left a very frazzled mama by bedtime.  I only get about 5 solid hours with the kids each day and being spread so thin between them and keeping up with household duties was not working for us.  Being followed around the house with a baby who wants to be attached to you all night was not working.  For our sanity it was just time.  I am continuing to pump and we are using up the freezer stash of breastmilk we have.  I suspect he will need formula at some point and I have accepted that - finally. 

LOVES to eat!  His foods include sweet potatoes, zucchini, green beans, peas, carrots, corn, squash, mango, applesauce, pears, bananas and most recently raspberries

His bottles are typically around ten ounces a feeding and he eats between six and eight ounces of purees in one sitting - yes, that is a big appetite!

He has two teeth and I suspect there is a third on it's way - I just can't quite tell yet

He is an awesome sleeper!  He goes down between 8 and 9 and sleeps on average ten hours.  Dad says he is up with the sun so we are looking into black-out curtains...

Naps two, sometimes three, times a day.  His longest nap is in the afternoon and it is close to three hours usually

He started pulling up in bed just shy of eight months and he hasn't looked back!

He is very mobile - scooting, crawling, cruising

He loves to jump and bounce!  The jump-up is a favorite place for him!  

He babbles constantly

He is strong - really strong.  He can hold his own with Amelia.  If she wants something he has she sometimes cannot get it from him.  Jason and I have to pry things from his grasp one finger at a time quite frequently!

He enjoys swinging when we are at the park!  

He observes everything and is often very content sitting - as long as there is enough going on for him to watch!  If it's boring to him - watch out because he will be gone faster than you can say lickety-split!

He LOVES his sister...and her toys!

When she is not around - those ponies are HIS!

He is a happy, smiley guy.  A friend referred to him as "Jovial Joe" and I think it fits perfectly!

 We love our little Joe-Joe to pieces and are so thankful he is ours!  I can't believe he will be one in three short months.  Where does the time go? 

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