Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Amelia is very into houses.  Everywhere we go is a house

There are the obvious houses like Papa's House and Nana's House.  Those are the same place but given the day she will insist that it is one person's house or the other.  Sometimes it is even WeHaw's (Auntie Kim) House.

Some other not so obvious, yet obvious at the same time, houses are the following:

  • Target is the "Red House" - pronounced weh-how
  • Wal-Mart is the "White House" - pronounced why-how
  • Subway is the "Pizza House" (because a personal pizza is what she gets there) - pronounced pee-ha-how
  • Dairy Queen is the "Ice Cream House" - pronounced ee-cweem-how
  • Culver's is the "Blue and White House" - pronounced muh-an-why-how
  • When the bubbles drain after bath they are going to the "Bubble House" - pronounced buh-bow-how

The latest house is the Pony House.

The "Pony House" is a plastic storage container with pony stickers on it that she has for her baby ponies.  I made the mistake one day of getting her a pony grab bag at the store.  Each bag contains a small My Little Pony and you don't know which pony you will get.  Well, there are 24 ponies to collect.  We now have 23 different ponies and 37 ponies total. 

I realize she does not need all these ponies yet I find myself at the store feeling the packages trying to determine if we already have that one.  My sister has gotten really good at it, hence why we only have one more pony to find.  It's turned into a desire to have the complete set at this point.  Amelia doesn't know the difference - she just loves ponies.  Kim and I?  We feel a need to complete the set.  Why?  I'm not sure.  I like how excited she gets over them and she plays with them all day.  They bring her joy and right now that is reason enough for me.

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