Monday, July 9, 2012

Weekend in Pictures

Our weekend was very different than we had planned.  We had a hotel Saturday night near Madison and were going to go meet some friends' new baby.  As I paid bills Friday night I realized I worked Sunday so we called and cancelled the hotel.  I'm not sure how I overlooked that shift but I'm sure glad I realized I had it before we were 4 hours away!

Saturday we went to Como Zoo.

Cool Kids :)

First stop - flamingos

Waving to her sea lion - aka "really big fish"

Photo with "Sparky"

Happy boy :)

Popcorn and vitamin water snack

Giraffes - fake and real...

The elusive snow leopard - you seriously never see this guy!

Bronze turtle statue

Preserved animal exhibit cages

Sunday I worked and we had dinner with my family.

Playing outside at Nana and Papa's house

While it wasn't the weekend we had planned we still had fun! 

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