Sunday, July 29, 2012

Birthday Weekend

Friday was my golden birthday!  I didn't do anything too exciting.  I worked all day and then had dinner of salad and lasagna at my parent's house.  It was day two of Joe not feeling too great.

He is teething and with that has come a fever.  It comes and goes.  Friday night while my mom, sister, Amelia and I watched the Olympic opening ceremonies Joe slept on my dad in the recliner:

His little feet were cold so her borrowed his sister's Dora socks...

Saturday was Jason's grandpa's 75th birthday and there was a surprise party for him!  I didn't have the camera out much but I got a picture of Farmer Joe:

and Amelia the puppy:

I had two cakes this year:

Amelia insisted we have birthday candles but we couldn't find anything but a tea light...

Friday I had a yellow cake with chocolate frosting (my favorite) and today we had an Izzy's Oreo ice cream cake!  Both were delicious! 

That's pretty much the highlights of our weekend!  We kept pretty busy but at the same time it was a relaxing weekend and the camera wasn't out much! 

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