Thursday, July 19, 2012

Bubbles and Bikes

Between the spurts of rain this evening we spent some time outside!

My mom and sister found this bubble mower, new in the box, at Goodwill this afternoon for $3.75!  Amelia loves it!

She could not stop running around with it!  

Amelia got a trike for her second birthday and it has been at my parent's house since then.  We've played with it there a bit but she has never really grasped pedaling.  Since there are several kids in our complex that ride their bikes at night I thought she might pick up on it if she had her trike while they were out there.

She pedaled, on her own, this evening!  She took off down the parking lot and told us she was going to Papa's house...30 miles away!  

I was a little concerned about getting her to wear her helmet.  She hasn't loved it in the past but we have stood our ground with her needing to wear it to play with her trike.  We want to get her used to wearing a helmet now so that she is in the habit of wearing it as she grows older.  None of the kids in the complex use a helmet so I thought for sure she would fight me on wearing it.  We got the trike out there, she pushed it away from me and started to get on so I said, "you need your bike hat!"  She turned around and said, "oh, my hey-oh-meh" and put it right on! 

It is nice to have a few more fun things to do outside!  I think she'll be a pro on the trike by the end of the summer!

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