Monday, July 30, 2012

Olympic Art Project

I had this great plan to track the United States' medals with Amelia this Olympics.  Let's just say plans changed when we started the project this afternoon and that is ok!

My original plan was to take a posterboard, draw the Olympic rings in the center and then have Amelia draw circles in either gold, silver or bronze to represent the medals the US won the previous day.  We'd be keeping up on current events as well as practicing with circles.  

Well, when I handed her the gold to draw circles she just drew.  Then she drew with the silver.  Then with the bronze.

When we finished I asked her if we should hang it up and she was so excited.  She ran right to the fridge and slapped it up with her personal magnet.

In the end we have an Olympic art piece that we will be able to enjoy for the remainder of the London games.  

I moved it to the pantry door where it is more prominent and she can see it from her seat at the kitchen table.

Amelia has shown interest in the Olympics even at her young age.  She asks to watch the "wimp-icks."  I know it is just because she enjoyed the opening ceremonies because she asks why it isn't dark so I explain to her that for now it is in the light.  She accepts that.  She likes the swimming best so far which does not surprise me since she loves water so much!

I think that we will give this project a try again in two years for the winter Olympics in Russia.  Hopefully we will be able to stick to the original plan!  If not, we will have another piece of Amelia-art to enjoy for those games :)

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