Saturday, July 21, 2012

Peterson Reunion 2012

Today was Jason's mom's sides' bi-annual reunion.  Grandpa hosted again this year so we didn't have to travel far at all :)

This morning we woke up to a thunderstorm and our power had gone out so we were a little concerned because this reunion was outside!  By lunch the clouds had cleared and the sun was out.  It was humid but it was not raining!

Jason helped out with cooking again this year.  We had grilled chicken, smoked ribs, hot dogs, fruit and several salads.  

This year we took a large group photo of the descendants of Jason's grandpa's father:

Grandpa's first time holding Joe

Updated generation photo

Joey and Grandma Lynn

Amelia loves to play in water so, naturally, when the ice in coolers melted she splashed around in it...

...she also made artwork :)

She walked up to Auntie Liz, slapped her wet hands on her skirt and said, "hahahaha, my hawn, yo pon!"  Translation - "My hands, your pants!"  Too funny!  When she saw we all thought she was funny she gave several more of us hands on our pants.

Both kids fell asleep very quickly on the way home!  I guess that is what over-stimulation will do on a hot, humid afternoon!

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