Friday, July 6, 2012

How We Beat the Heat

We have had some unbearable, hot and humid days this week.  100 degree weather is just not my idea of a good time.  We found some ways to "beat the heat" though and we survived!  

Running through the middle school football field sprinklers (behind our apartment complex)

Organizing projects - including making the living room toys more Joe-friendly!

Baby pool party on the fourth!

Playing in the water in the parking lot from our garden watering system

Tonight we busted out the train set and the letter trains my family got the kids for their Easter baskets.

The train set is large and getting it out is quite the production, hence, why it doesn't come out too often.  It is a lot of fun though!  

If we were ever outside this week - it involved water.  We didn't stay out much longer than a half hour at a time because it was just so miserable (mostly for mama...) and sticky out. 

It has finally cooled down into the 70s and we opened the windows to air out the apartment and give the A/C a break.  That thing has been working overtime this week!  I imagine it will be nice and hot again tomorrow so I am enjoying the fresh air while I can.  

I am really looking forward to more tolerable weather so I can get the kids outside more!  The past two nights have been challenging.  It is obvious that Amelia is feeling cooped up after this week of heat so she is acting out which frustrates me which upsets Joe which leads to three cranky people in this apartment which is just not any fun! 

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