Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Meeting Leyton

Sunday we made a special trip down to southern Wisconsin to meet baby Leyton!  

He was born almost a month ago and we didn't want to wait any longer to meet him!  Added bonus - our other friends, Lisa and Al, were there...it's been a long time since the three of us girls were together!

A favorite spot while driving through middle WI

We left early and arrived just before lunch!  We grilled, chatted and watched kids play.  It was a great afternoon!

Mamas with the boys

Dads with the boys
The "Three Amigos!"

Amelia is absent from all the group shots because she was too busy hanging out with Marie and Jordan's dog, Lucy.  You could not bribe her away from that dog the whole afternoon!

We headed back home in the evening so I could catch a few hours sleep before work yesterday.

I still can't believe that Lisa, Marie and I have four kids between us.  Crazy!

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