Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Garden Update

Last month we started our little garden in the parking lot.  We started everything from seeds and we now have some large plants in our garden!

The zucchini and tomato seeds we planted have grown much larger than we expected!

We have countless zucchini blossoms:

We are anxious for some zucchini to grow on this monstrous plant!

Our cantaloupe has also taken off:

It started flowering last week and we are anxious to see if we get any melons out of this!

We have a bald spot in our section of the garden which is misleading.

There is a little strip of either chives or green onions growing in there!

The neighbors' gardens have also flourished:

It really is nice being able to look outside and see all the flowers the neighbors planted.  I also like the prospect of some homegrown vegetables to eat!  Next year I think we will plant some flowers in with our vegetables so we have some more color to look at!

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